Name:               Christopher Terry
                   DOB:                 Aug 08th 1993
Nationality:       British


               2015                  Master Degree (Science Biologist)
                                         University of Nottingham (UK)


              Teaching Certificate

   2018                   LOVE TEFL TEACH ENGLISH ABROAD

                                          Level 3 - 120Hours
                                          Award August 2018

              Teaching Experiences

              2018 - Present       English teacher / Bangkok Kindergarten                                     

                                             English Lesson Planing, Preparation, Delivery Marking
                                             and phonics classes. Multitude of teaching activities with children's                                               group including use of TPR songs, games , writing and reading. 
                                             Taking care of teaching and raising young learners with proper                                                       behavior development.

              2016 - 2017           SamutPrakran English Summer Camp School
 Teaching English Prathom 1- Matthayom 3, Physical Response
                                             approach with learning games, songs and varies activities. Prepare                                                 the students for their performance to municipal official and mayoral                                               figure of Bangpu district aswell as competition against 3 additional                                                 participating schools. 
              2008 - 2011          
 Lyons Hall Primary School /Primary Teacher                                                                           
Primary School Teaching Assistance. Working with experience 
                                             Teacher with lesson preparation and delivery. Teaching activities                                                   with Children's group including songs, writing and reading. Help to                                               teach rudimentary Maths ( Intermediate addition, basic                                                                 multiplication and division.   



Ratchadaniwet Prasha Uthid Road, Samsennok Huikwang Bangkok 10310

PHONE: (66) 2-2743193 Ext 113 , (66) 99-710-9758



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