Name:                Darius W. Hobber

                   DOB:                  24th Feb 1962
Nationality:        USA
Gender:              Male


                                         Master in Education
                                         American Public University System

              Teaching Certificate

   2011                   TESL INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE

                                          120 hours Award Jan 2011

              Teaching Experiences

2020 - Present     English teacher / Education Services                                  

                                           English Lesson Planing, Preparation, Teaching with lesson                                                             preparation and delivery. Help to teach rudimentary English

                                           ( Intermediate addition, basic multiplication and division.          

              2016 - 2018       
  Rajamangala University of Technology / English Lecturer                        
                                English Lecturer of University and in charge of IEP program 

                                         at the colledge program (Matthayom) 

               2015 - 2017        English teacher / Language Express                                                                                           Instruct student on the basis of English Language & Literature.                                                     Prepare daily lesson plan uterlizing text book material, audio and                                                   visual aids. Participate in co-curriculum, school, community                                                         activities and professional development. 

              2015 - 2018          Inlingua Language School / Corporate English Teacher                                                           Responsible for planing effective lesson and preparing resource                                                      which have clear teaching aims objective and learning outcome.                                                    Create details yearly and monthly plans for auxiliary classes.                                                        Integrated technology and whiteboard usage into every lesson.  

               2012 - 2015
Mindfulness Education Center / English Teacher                                                                                Design and Implement course for children. Prepare class room
                                          Coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts.                                                      Listen actively and effectively in order to identify and                                                                     solve problems, facilitate learning for student confidence. Integrated                                              tasks, goals and objectives into lesson plans. Observed and evaluate                                              students performance. Taught students about the structure and                                                    content of the English Language. 

               2006 - 2012       ABC Montessori / Head Teacher Teacher                              

                                          Design, built and implemented an entire High School curriculum

                                         following Montessori principle. Was the Head Teacher for the



Ratchadaniwet Prasha Uthid Road, Samsennok Huikwang Bangkok 10310

PHONE: (66) 2-2743193 Ext 113 , (66) 080-378-5026



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