Name:               Johannes Dirt Carsten 
                   DOB:                 28 y/o
Nationality:       South African


               2023                  Bachelor's Tesol Degree 
                                         Siam Technology College 


              Teaching Certificate

   2016                   TEFL FOREIGN TEACHING LANGUAGE

                                          Level 3 - 120Hours
                                          Award October 2016

              Teaching Experiences

2022 - Current     Corporate English teacher / CE Corporate Training                                                                  Instruct student on the basis of English Language & Literature.                                                      Prepare daily lesson plan utilizing text book material, audio and                                                    visual aids. Participate in co-curriculum, school, community                                                          activities and professional development. 

             2018 - 2023       English teacher / Phayathai School                                                                                           English Teacher teaching 4 skills for grade 4,5 & 6 in MEP 
                                        Mini Program  Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. 

             2016 - 2018        English teacher / Suankularb  Secondary School                            

                                         English Lesson Planning, Preparation, Teaching with lesson                                                           preparation and delivery. Help to teach 4 skills English
                                         to grade 7 - 12.

             2016 - 2018        
English teacher / Satri Witaya School                                    
                                                   Develop Conversation curriculum for my current full length.
                                         Design Various amounts of lessons to improve grammar, speaking,                                                  reading and writing for Mathayomsuksa 1-3. 

              2019 - 2020        English Camp / TLC Tender Loving Care
English Camp Teacher, created more than 20 lessons for children age                                            5 - 12 teaching speaking, reading, writing and role play activities. 

Teacher's Start Date:

After Songkran's holidays 22nd April 2023

                       Name:               Martin Wigley
                   DOB:                 34 y/o
Nationality:      British


               2017                  Master Degree in Education 
                                         Framinghan State University


              Teaching Certificate

   2016                   TEFL FOREIGN TEACHING LANGUAGE

                                          Level 3 - 150Hours
                                          Award August 2013

              Teaching Experiences

2023 - Current     Corporate English teacher / CE Corporate Training                                                                  English Lesson Planning, Preparation, Teaching with lesson                                                          preparation and delivery. Help to teach rudimentary English
                                           ( Intermediate addition, basic 
multiplication and division.                                

             2022 - 2023          English teacher / Singapore International School Bangkok                                                      Teaching Primary 1 
approach with learning games, songs and varies                                                activities. Prepare the students for their performance to municipal                                                  official 

             2018 - 2022        
English teacher / New Orient Academy Beijing, China                                   
                           Grade 5 Room Teacher, ELA Subject Leader 
                                         Taught English in junior high school and senior classes and also                                                   work as home room teacher.   


              2016 - 2018        English Teacher / New Sathorn International School Bangkok
Grade 3 PYP Teacher, Responsible for preparing effective lesson plan                                              for program participants. Teaching BTEC level 3 & 4

              2016 - 2017       
English Teacher / Ace Academy Bangkok                                                                               
English Language Teacher,  Teaching conversation English, reading                                               and writing. Testing and imputing grades.

               2014 - 2016      English teacher / Assumption College Primary School                                                             Grade 5 ESL Teacher teaching listening and speaking,                                                                    reading and writing performing duties include exam preparation                                                    lesson planning and writing students reports.                                           

Teacher's Start Date:
15th April 2023 or 22nd April 2023
Teacher's require the course to complete within 8th of July not later due to planed travel abroad trip.

Ratchadaniwet Prasha Uthid Road, Samsennok Huikwang Bangkok 10310

PHONE: (66) 2-2743193 Ext 113 , (66) 99-710-9758



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