Name:               Arsenio Buck
                   DOB:                 29 y/o
Nationality:      American


               2013                  Bachelor of Art in Communication 
                                         Arizona State University


              Teaching Certificate

   2013                   TEFL FOREIGN TEACHING LANGUAGE

                                          Level 3 - 150Hours
                                          Award August 2013

              Teaching Experiences

2020 - Current     Corporate English teacher / CE Corporate Training                                                                  Instruct student on the basis of English Language & Literature.                                                      Prepare daily lesson plan uterlizing text book material, audio and                                                  visual aids. Participate in co-curriculum, school, community                                                          activities and professional development. 

             2019 - Current    Corporate English teacher / Edufirst School                                                                              English Teacher responsible for planning effective lesson and                                                         preparing resource which have clear teaching aims objective and                                                   learning outcome. 

             2018 - 2019         English teacher / Education Services                                  

                                         English Lesson Planning, Preparation, Teaching with lesson                                                           preparation and delivery. Help to teach rudimentary English
                                         ( Intermediate addition, basic 
multiplication and division.  

             2014 - 2018        
Corporate English teacher / New Education World Rangsit                                   
                    Develop Conversation curriculum for my current full length.

              2013 - 2014        Chanthaburi School
English Teacher, Design Various amounts of lessons to improve the                                              language capabilities of young children
              2013 - 2014       
Nakhon Si Thammarat School (Anuban Technical College)                                                        
English Language Teacher, created more than 20 lessons per week to                                             teach different department at a Technical College  


TOEIC Questions and Respond Teaching

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Ratchadaniwet Prasha Uthid Road, Samsennok Huikwang Bangkok 10310

PHONE: (66) 2-2743193 Ext 113 , (66) 080-378-5026



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